If we keep doing the same old things, we will keep getting the same results
  • Do you struggle with depression? Are you anxious? Have you recently experienced a significant loss through death, an ended relationship, or are you facing a major life transition?
  • Perhaps your primary intimate relationship has gotten off track leaving you fearful or doubtful about the future.
  • Maybe you aren't quite sure just what is going on with you, but you know you don't feel quite like yourself.
  • Did you grow up in a home where there was physical violence, emotional or sexual abuse, or someone in the family had problems with drugs or alcohol?
  • Do you wonder whether you might have Bipolar Disorder or Adult Attention Deficit Disorder? Maybe friends or coworkers have told you they were concerned about you.
  • Do you let negative self talk convince you that you will never achieve your full personal or professional potential?
  • Life will always present us with challenges, and some of these challenges, like the ones just mentioned, are painful. Just as we quickly pull our hand away from a hot stove to avoid further pain or injury, we often react to painful life situations by pulling back. We sometimes pull back or try to avoid further pain by ignoring a situation, or by leaving, or by just hoping that whatever it is will just go away on its own. Although these are often normal responses to painful life situations, they work better with interactions with hot stoves than they do with interpersonal interactions.
  • "OK" you may be saying to yourself. "I have tried the avoiding, or the ignoring, or the leaving way. You're right. They didn't really work." You may also be asking yourself if anything works or if there are more effective ways to deal with our situations.
  • If you are asking yourself these questions, you are already starting the change process. If you are ready to take a further step as part of the change process, you might decide that you would like to have the undivided attention of someone who has a concerned ear and years of experience helping other people. If you make that decision, I would like to join you in your journey.
  Julie F Wilson, LCSW 
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